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You have skills that employers value: discipline, work ethic, and teamwork. Your military experience also has given you training that you can put to work in the civilian world. But sometimes, it can be a challenge to explain military training to civilian employers.

PRJKT VET partners recognize Veterans unique skills and attributes and understand the value these well trained, highly motivated, and talented individuals can bring to their workforces. With us, you will have access to network with over 100,000+ like-minded businesses, all with the same goal of supporting those who have served. We actively support and promote collaboration and host regular meetings with our partners to encourage the exchange of best-practice.

The PRJKT VET team are available to talk through your goals as a business/organization and any plans you may have forecasted. We work with you to build a LinkedIn profile that will allow you to easily showcase any opportunities, vacancies, or events coming up, which can be tagged and promoted at the click of a button. We support you in developing your offering where necessary, assisting you in hosting events, sharing best practice tips, or giving relevant points of contact for other businesses working in this space.

PRJKT VET helps you translate your training into civilian credentials and speak better to what employers are looking seeking. PRJKT VET global programs primarily serve transitioning service members and everyday citizens with planning for employment. You can use it to figure out what training or skills you might need before you transition. If you’re ready to start looking for a job, it’s time to translate your work experience into a civilian career. Identify what credentials you need as soon as possible.

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