3 Things CEOs Can Learn From Special Operations

Every employee, regardless of position within the company, serves as a leader in some capacity. However, being a leader while at the top of the organizational food chain is like receiving incoming enemy fire from multiple directions—you must be constantly vigilant about anything and everything going on around you because one false move and […]

What You Need to Know About Finding Talent

Talent is everything. It can be a magnet that attracts more top-shelf candidates and builds the brand, or it can leave a sour taste in the mouths of those who already work there and cause them to wonder, “Why did I accept?” Finding the right “fit” for employees ultimately boils down to two possible […]

Why Doesn’t the Business World Operate Like the Navy SEAL Team?

Decision-making is something that rests upon the shoulders of everybody. In fact, the average adult makes roughly 35,000 decisions a day. Just the simple act of going through a decision-making process is enough to garner unwanted stress and give birth to unwanted grey hairs that never go away. However, the conclusions we derive are […]