PRJKT VET was founded to serve as a safe place for Veterans to find resources and to assist with their transition out of the military.  PRJKT VET is here to help get servicemen and women into spaces that typically overlook them and provide guidance on how to set themselves up after their military careers have ended. PRJKT VET recognizes the importance of mental well-being within the community and that’s why we decided to offer resources through our gaming initiatives to connect Veterans and provide a safe and welcoming place for Veterans through esports and engagement. Jermaine Cohen Jermaine served 4 years in the US Army as a Radio Comsec and Communications Technician. He was in the 4th Infantry Division during the initial invasion into Iraq in 2003. Rod lived abroad for several years once he left the service before returning home to work in the aviation Industry. He currently works as a Full-time Options Trader and co-founded PRJKT VET to help Veterans.   Rod Lee Rod served in the US Air Force for 12 years in both maintenance and operational units around the world. Rod gained many experiences and relationships because of this and wants to engage with individuals who have similar passion and purpose. When he left the military, Rod stayed in aviation on the commercial side, but missed the higher calling that he had in the military. Rod currently works in cybersecurity and co-founded PRJKT VET to continue serving Veterans.


PRJKT VET could not do what it does without the guidance of its Board of Directors. Leveraging the expertise of the board has led to some of the great partnerships and events PRJKT VET has been able to participate in.


With over 300,000 followers on social media, Kevin L. Jackson Is the host of the “Digital Transformers” podcast and provides consulting and digital media services to leading technology companies. His client list includes Microsoft, AT&T Business, Intel, Ericsson and IBM. He also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Tulane University. Executive experience includes VP J.P. Morgan Chase, IBM Worldwide Sales Executive and SAIC (Engility) Director Cloud Solutions. Education includes a MS Computer Engineering, MA Strategic Studies and a BS Aerospace Engineering. Kevin is also a USA Today and WSJ-bestselling author whose books include “Click to Transform” (2020) and “Architecting Cloud Computing Solutions” (2018).


An entrepreneur with a background in engineering and business development, Ken Thompson has been the engine in front of the train. He helped bring together the core group of PRJKT VET through an investment in Total Network Services, Inc. (TNS), which paid back dividends through a partnership with the Texas Legends. Ken now serves as the President of Global Business Development at TNS, as well as the Vice President of Business Development at DealBox, Inc. Ken is also the founder/CEO of KT Technical Sales and ADD A ZERO, LLC.