Please consider adopting one of our blood donor heroes!


BodeVet, Inc is an advanced veterinary transfusion company solving the unmet needs of companion and exotic animals for transfusion medicine and regenerative therapies. Built on socially responsible sourcing, cGMP manufacturing and product consistency, BodeVet helps the veterinary community provide more predictable and favorable clinical outcomes. Our mission is to promote animal health and welfare by developing and delivering new treatment solutions to the veterinary community. We currently develop novel blood products for the use in hemostasis and regenerative medicine.

We rely on canine blood donors to donate blood products to save companion and working dogs all over the world. Our blood products are used to save not only household pets, but also help save the lives of military working dogs. Our canine super heroes come from USDA certified closed colonies, where they are in service for about 24 months before we try to find them loving homes. Our heroes need a loving and patient home to help them adapt to life outside of the colony. They helped save the lives of dogs everywhere, and now deserve to live a life full of love, affection and fun! Will you help make this possible?