PRJKT VET has a huge focus on helping communities and promoting entities that help the greater good. We ourselves wanted to partner with some companies and shine light on issues and initiatives that mean a lot to us. We share the views of companies like Baylor Scott and White’s Warrior Research Insitute, whose focus is dedicated to producing high quality research aimed at improving care for warriors from a variety of fields. Through a partnership with several entities to include: TNS Digital NamesGC Global NetGameOnGreater Gaming and AwardPool  (to name a few), PRJVT VET will launch a  Veteran’s Bowl tournament on Veteran’s Day, with a focus on gaming to assist veteran’s mental health. We also share the pain of vets who have transitioned away of the military and need to find a community they can relate with as they had in the service. Entities like Guards Down and Iron.Sharpens.Iron assist with the message of camaraderie and raising awareness on mental health and the affects of PTSD, while giving veterans a place to come together and share common interests.

PRJKT VET also has teamed with BodeVet to start an initiative to help find homes for a group of dogs who are blood donating heroes. These canine super heroes come from USDA certified closed colonies, where they are in service for about 24 months before we try to find them loving homes. Our heroes need a loving and patient home to help them adapt to life outside of the colony. They helped save the lives of dogs everywhere, and now deserve to live a life full of love, affection and fun!

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